Building Common Grounds for Peace

Social distance, ignorance and exceptionalism often breed misunderstanding, anger and fear of others. This is especially true when one’s faith with its values and practices is insulted, threatened, misused or abused. The manipulation of religious identities for political and other aims is a factor that has raised lots of sentiments in Nigeria. Our times demands paradigm shift and a new order of religious leaders who are knowledgeable enough of both their faith and those of others and are prepared to address today’s most urgent challenges. We achieve this by harnessing the power of religious communities and their leaders in preventing the incidents of radicalization, extremism and religious crises in order to enhance strong cohesive multi religious and cultural community. But this may be difficult without first helping those faith leaders to understand the basisof other religious groups through Interfaith Dialogue, Fellowship Program and Peace Education.

Embarking on this journey requires the collaboration and partnership of other stakeholders since no one group can do it all and alone. COFP therefore, believes and counts on the strategic partnership of her partners in empowering and positioning faith leaders in a more meaningful interfaith actions which opens up for community resilience, development and peaceful societies.