Building Common Grounds for Peace

Social distance, ignorance and exceptionalism often breed misunderstanding, anger and fear of others. This is especially true when one’s faith with its values and practices is insulted, threatened, misused or abused. The manipulation of religious identities for political and other aims is a factor that has raised lots of sentiments in Nigeria.… Read more

Town Hall Meeting

The recent episode of brutal killings in Jos, Benue, Taraba States and other parts of the country is a sign of fragile peace and weak government in Nigeria. The unimaginable destruction of lives and property keep resurfacing when least expectedRead more

Soccer for Peace

The John Cardinal Onaiyekan Soccer for Peace Competition kicked off on April 7th 2018 and came to an end on May 26th 2018.  COFP is convinced that no matter our background or where we live, soccer, known as football to many is an instrument … Read more