Integrating Social Change through Ethical Leadership

Building sustainable peace, social cohesion and integration in the midst of social and economic decay, religious and ethnic diversities, violent extremism and terrorism requires a holistic approach.  COFP believes that peace is impossible without good governance. Our focus on building relationships, enhancing leadership ethos and bridging divides across communities strengthens the capacities and the cooperation needed to address the problem.

Constructing a comprehensive background that brings together interfaith women/youth leaders and members from diverse faith and cultures for addressing common challenges with one voice receives prime concern at COFP. The Foundation ensures that women’s concerns and perspectives forms an integral part of COFP’s program. We do this by designing & implementing creative solutions, new approaches, and best practices for social change. We also inspire and anchors the work of Religions for Peace, Nigeria Women of Faith Network and other interfaith women initiatives for peace and development.

Mainstreaming Interfaith Women in Peacebuilding