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Rather than focusing all our energy on the barriers, we pay greater attention in creating more sustainable communities, opportunities and potential that creates the change that we want to see through our three main thematic program areas:

Building Common Grounds for Peace

Common action for peace is the hallmark of COFP Foundation. It is needed and crucial for strengthening diversities, respecting differences, building the capacities of faith leaders and their communities in interfaith dialogue for peace, just and harmonious societies.

Integrating Social Change through Ethical Leadership

Ethical leadership and good governance is a precondition for sustainable economy, social development, peace and security. Bringing together neglected perspectives and voices to the table for creative exchanges is one of the ways we provide creative solutions, new approaches, best practices and effective governance.

Sustaining Peace for Development

It is common wisdom that sustainable development can only be achieved when there is peace. COFP devise new ways of advancing peace by empowering the poor particularly, women and girls living in refugee/IDP camps through poverty alleviation programs.



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