Founder’s Footprint

In the past decades, John Cardinal Onaiyekan has become a historic reference point in matters of intra/interreligious dialogue & leadership. His professionalism in this field is regularly sought after both locally and internationally and this has earned him recognitions and many esteemed awards and laurels. He has toured round the world delivering lectures at prestigious institutions as well as high level conferences on global justice, peace and human development.

Cardinal Onaiyekan (CON, PhD) is currently the Metropolitan Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Nigeria, the Co-Chair African Council of Religious Leaders (RfP), the Christian Moderator World Conference of Religious for Peace RfP, & a Member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Role of Faith. Serving on these international bodies and many other forums has afforded Cardinal Onaiyekan the opportunity of understanding the complexities, challenges, difficulties, & prospects available in engaging in interreligious cooperation and good governance at the global level. To keep the legacies of His Eminence, John Cardinal Onaiyekan alive, COFP Foundation was founded as a platform for promoting sustainable peace through interreligious dialogue cooperation and social change efforts.

For Cardinal Onaiyekan, the 2012 Noble Peace Prize Award Nominee, true peace means upholding justice & fairness, openness to reconciliation and forgiveness, understanding that what we have in common is greater than our difference & that our differences are nothing but a stepping stone towards embracing our commonalities. This is the vision that drives our work at COFP Foundation.