Soccer for Peace

Sports is the most unifying tool for peace in the world. The round leather game (football) is the most popular sport in the world, but more to this sport is the spirit behind it. It is commonly known that in football, we all speak one language; that language is peace! Football unifies and unites people of different races, tribe and religion.Endorsed by John Cardinal Onaiyekan (Founder of COFP), the Soccer for Peace Competition kicked off on April 7th 2018 and came to an and end on May 26th 2018.

Eight teams comprising of footballers and coaches from different religious & cultural backgrounds within the FCT Abuja entered into the competition:SOLACE FC, GOLDEN BOYS FC, PUMA FC, COFP FC, Y.P. SPORTS, UNITY BOYS andOMATZ FC. After weeks of intense skill-filled matches at the Papal Ground Football Pitch in Kubwa Abuja, the National Stadium Abuja played host to the Grand Finale. SOLACE FC faced GOLDEN BOYS FC in the finals while COFP FC tackled PUMA FC for 3rd place.SOLACE (1st) eventually won GOLDEN BOYS (Runners up) in the finals by a lone goal while COFP (4th) lost to PUMA (3rd) by 3 goals to nil to win 3rd place.

Accompanied by the trophies, medals and accolades won by both teams and individuals was cash prizes which the COFP Foundation &Cardinal Onaiyekanpresented to the players.The Cardinal advised the footballers to use the Soccer for Peace Competition to promote peace in their various communities. Though the competition was played by just eight teams, the Executive Director of COFP Foundation stressed that the number of teams will be expanded for the competition in the future to create room for more Ambassadors of Peace footballers.

In brief, the COFP is convinced that no matter our background or where we live, soccer, known as football to many is an instrument for breaking barriers, bringing people together and building friendships. It creates understanding and provides a feeling of unity. It enhances teamwork and has the power to promote social, economic, and religious inclusion.