A peaceful, cohesive and inclusive society upholding human dignity, good governance and rejecting violent religious extremism.


Fostering lasting peace, harmony and development through positive social change, interreligious dialogue and resilience building.


Use dialogue to lead community driven social change, build mutual respect, prevent & resolve conflicts and enhance cooperation among adherents of different faiths and culture.

2018/19 COFP Fellowship Program Module Two on Interreligious Dialogue & Mediation

Fellows reconvened for the second module of the COFP Fellowship Program with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. The program commenced from October 28 – November 4th, 2018 at Top Rank Hotels Galaxy, Utako Abuja. The module two gave


Educating Parents, Teachers & Caregivers on ending Violence & Abuse Against Children (SVAC)

SVAC is a project designed by the Foundation to create awareness and educate teachers, parents and caregivers on their role towards ending violence and abuse against children. This intervention is in response to the high level


Canvassing for Credible & Peaceful Election Without Bitterness during 2019 General Election

Through the support of the Australian Aid, we organized a 2-Day National Workshop on the Role of Religious Leaders in Promoting Credible and Violence-Free Elections in zones.



Building Common Ground for Peace

Common action for peace is the hallmark of our work. It is needed and crucial for strengthening diversities, respecting differences, building the capacities of faith leaders and their communities in interfaith dialogue for peace, just and harmonious societies.


Enhancing Social Change through Ethical Leadership

Ethical leadership and good governance is a precondition for sustainable economy, social development, peace and security. Bringing together neglected perspectives and voices to the table for creative exchanges is one of the ways we provide creative solutions, new approaches, best practices and effective governance.


Sustaining Peace for Development

It is common wisdom that sustainable development can only be achieved when there is peace. At COFP, we devise new ways of advancing peace by empowering the poor particularly, women, girls and children living in refugee/IDP camps through poverty alleviation programs.



COFP Fellowship Program

The Second Module of the 2019/2020 COFP Fellowship Program (Module Two) ready to commence from November 3rd – 9th 2019

The COFP Fellowship is a one-year Certificate Course that strives to discourage extremism in its various forms (ethnic or religious) by engaging faith & community leaders, women and youth leaders; and the entire civil groups to embrace more dialogic and non-violent approaches to the prevention and resolution of conflicts. This involves, among others, building & enhancing the skills of these leaders on early detection and management of intra and inter religious/community conflicts as well as helping to establish credible networks for sustainable peace in the country. The fundamental basis of this program is to develop a new approach in dialogue negotiation and peacebuilding skills that would enable religious men, women and youth at the grassroots level to engage both in academic and practical exercise that would help communities counter violent extremism, bridge gaps & build resilience for peace.