Fellowship Program

The COFP Fellowship Program is a one-year Certificate Program that aims at offering religious leaders (men, women and youth), their communities and other civil groups the opportunity to increase and improve their capacity inpeace and conflict resolution. To enhance their knowledge and experience in interfaith dialogue, leadership and mediation, Fellows will learn from one another and from a team of experts during the period of the Fellowship Program. The fundamental basis of this program is to develop a new approach in dialogue negotiation and peacebuilding skills that would enable multi-faith men, women and youth at the grassroots to bridge communities& build resilience for peace.

To become a COFP Fellow, Fellows will emerge from the 130-hour study in Interreligious Dialogue and Mediation Certificate Program prepared to advance interreligious peacebuilding in their communities. The Certificate obtained at the end of the Fellowship Program will have formal backing from the Catholic University of Nigeria (VUNA). The GHR Foundation and The German Foreign Office are the sponsors of this program and in collaboration with other partners, COFP Foundation believes that this Fellowship Program will produce sustainable and impactful outcomes that will bridge divides across faith communities and strengthen peace and security.